Watching the weather

Camping at Charleston Lake, Thanksgiving 2008

Camping at Charleston Lake, Thanksgiving 2008

I feel like the week before Thanksgiving I am always monitoring the forecast closely. Once again we’re trying to go camping and really hoping that the forecast will improve before the weekend comes. Last year it was cold and damp for all of early October and then suddenly the weekend was nice with only a day or two warning. We went to Charleston Lake and had a beautiful and sunny weekend. I sat in my lawn chair and knit and looked out at the lake. The pre-weekend weather is similar this year and the forecast is still predicting weekend rain but I’m holding out hope for a repeat. We’re expecting Rachel and Dudley, and Robyn and Matt to come with us so it should be a great trip if we can get there.

I’ve been working away on Blaze and I’m just a few rows from the armpits on the body. Then it will be the nice short and sweet sleeves. They’re short to begin with but I’m making them even shorter. I don’t think I have enough yarn to make them longer and sleeves that end at the elbow just aren’t flattering so I’m going for short sleeves.  Since I’m re-writing the pattern to make it my size, I might as well. I’ve also started work on Bender, which is a Christmas present for Matt and the first of my holiday knitting. I’m a bit late starting this year. I’ve finished his body and I’m part way done the head. There are a lot of pieces so there will be lots of seaming and end tucking. Hopefully I can finish it before the Friday the 13th part (November). The point is to work at UFOs and I expect once the knitting portion is done it will become a UFO since I avoid finishing up. That and Rowan’s bear suit will be my Friday the 13th punishment. I know, knitting is supposed to be enjoyable, and it is, but for me finishing is not always. That is why I like Blaze, Even the armpits are grafted so the only finishing is tucking in ends. That I can deal with.

Sunday morning cuddles

Sunday morning cuddles

Rosa has a new friend. Her best-friend (in Kingston, not to sell Dudley short) Rumi passed away a few weeks ago and Colleen has just gotten a new puppy, Shiva. She is a Weimeraner/Lab cross and is a real sweetheart. She’s very calm and gets along great with Rosa. She’s already been over for a playdate and was really great. Well she does have one problem (for me) – she likes to try to bit my yarn while I knit. She will be trained, of course, to leave the knitting alone but I expect it will take time and a bit of frustration. I hope for sunny days on her visits from now on. It was raining on Sunday and Rosa refuses to go out when it is raining, even when her friend has gone out too. She takes after her Mom.

Our unusual carrot

Our unusual carrot

Oh yeah – and we grew the funniest carrot in our garden! I know, I know. If you look closely he has been Lorena Bobbited somewhat. I had to sort of stick him back together for the picture. Joe thought that he could take it to eat for lunch. He forgot how I enjoy photographing oddities such as this. In my opinion, this is a far superior occurrence to say a Cheeto Jesus (Cheesus, come on people)  or a grilled cheese that looks like the Virgin Mary. So what if those foods look like fictional characters, my carrot looks like a three-legged man.


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