Not much to report

It has been sometime since my last entry – 3 months. Yikes. The time certainly flew and I haven’t knit as much as I would have liked. I did finish the dino blanket and it looks great. It was a big job, especially the 50 triangles that made up the outer border. I’m really happy with the finished product. I started to make the stuffed tyrannosaurus to match but I haven’t gotten the urge yet to do the duplicate stitch finishing and then finish up the other parts that are left undone. It is a giant at 2ft tall at pattern gauge. Since I get nowhere near that with chunky instead of worsted yarn it is more like 2.5 ft tall. I need time to concentrate for a long period to do the finishing and I’m not sure that will happen in the near future. I also finished the Scylla socks for my sister and I think she’ll really like them. They’ll be a birthday (Nov) or holiday present.

I knit 2 pairs of shorties for Rowan using the usual recipe and they fit really well.  As a request from Joe I had to knit a bunch of dishcloths. Ours were getting old and I was in denial about what that meant for me. I don’t particularly enjoy knitting dishcloths so I used a reward system. I could knit one ball on my new top in Hempathy and then I had to knit a dishcloth. This lasted for 4 balls and I turned out 4 cloths but then I just started knitting and didn’t look back. The top (Elemental Boatneck) is coming along great and I’m on the 2nd sleeve. We’re in the middle of major kitchen renovations and getting ready to move so there hasn’t been much knitting time but I hope to finish the top soon. I really love the yarn and the linen stitch isn’t as bad as I would have thought. I have a single Jaywalker sock that shows no inclination to be matched but perhaps it will be an after moving project. I’m usually not one for UFOs just lying around in hibernation but I have 2 right now which isn’t my usual way. Must be the heat…


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