Rowan's a pumpkin

Rowan is a pumpkin

I haven’t had much time to write. Well, that is partially true – I also didn’t have any new pictures downloaded or much to write about.

Things finished:

– Blaze – it turned out better than expected. Pictures will come eventually. I haven’t had a chance to take any.
– Punkin Hat – turned Rowan into the cutest pumpkin ever
– Hiking socks for me – plain socks in Granite Tuffy (also pictureless)

Things started:

– Socks for Robyn – Lake Geneva pattern in van der Rock Yarns, pink/purple
– Socks for Joe – plain socks in On your Toes, Boot sock

Nov 2009 081

Charlotte and Rosa

We had a great belated Thanksgiving celebration, followed by pumpkin carving.  The very next weekend was Halloween where Rowan was a skunk, I was Smurfette and Joe was a BUI (biking under the influence). Now we have a nice quiet week to relax…. Right, we’ve been joined many times this week by a little fireball named Charlotte who is a pug/beagle mix and is very sweet but sometimes high maintenace. Rosa is very gentle with her, despite her considerable size difference.


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