Our trip to Ottawa

Rowan, Rosa and I travelled to Ottawa this weekend to visit Lauren, Reed, and Jay and Rachel, Dudley and Benjamin. It was a great road trip. It was so great to see Lauren with her baby Reed. The amazing thing is we actually managed to talk to each other and catch up despite the attempts of our two little monkeys to sabotage our efforts. They both took good naps for them and slept well at night. Reed is surpassing his cousin Rowan already in nightime sleeping abilities. I hope that will encourage him, if a much smaller baby can do it then maybe he can too.  We were mostly too tired to knit at night but did manage to squeeze in a bit of morning knitting on Sunday.

Rosa stayed with Rachel and her best friend Dudley. We all went for a nice walk in Gatineau park on Saturday. It was a beautiful fall day and perfect for walking. We didn’t see too many birds but it was the afternoon so we really couldn’t expect much. Rosa received her usual praise from strangers about how unusual she is. We rarely take a walk where less than 3 people enquire about her mix.

Blaze is coming along and I am contemplating starting Bender soon too. I’m not always in the mood for constant cable work so it will  be nice to have something else on the go. I am starting to realize that Christmas knitting may be upon me and I should get started. I think I will tone it down a little bit this year. I’ve already made the hat and mitts for Vi and may make socks for Robyn and maybe for Joe too. We’ll see how things go.

I have been wanting to make some stuffed vegetables and fruits for Rowan to play with in place of the plastic ones most kids end up playing with one. Finding the time to get started seems to be the problem though. Most of the patterns out there are crochet which I am not proficient at. Actually I can only do a single chain and a provisional cast-on for knitting so I really can’t crochet at all. My Blaze top is coming along slowly. I think the end of the body is in sight and I am so excited for the sleeves which will just fly by in comparison. I try not to think about the yoke. I also try not to think about how I am going to manage the arm cast-off etc. because I am knitting a size that doesn’t exist due to my loose knitting of the pattern. There will be some math involved….


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