Ok, it’s been a while….

Knit blogging has not been a priority as of late. I have been busy – not knitting, but writing. Not blog posts but manuscripts. I have finished and submitted two papers since the beginning of January and finished a decent draft of a third. Ok, the not knitting thing isn’t entirely true.

Charade socks

Things finished

1. 2 pairs of longies and a soaker for the new and lovely Mira Broughton – Cascade Softspun
2. A sweater and matching hat (for Mira as well) – Stylecraft Life DK
3. Charade socks in Aranucia Multi – very much a favourite pair of socks
4. Textured shawl in Malabrigo sock
5. Longies for Rowan in Briggs and Little Heritage
6. Jacket for Rosa in Bernat Countrystyle
7. Bella mitts in Superfine Alpaca

Things started

1.A dino blanket for Rowan in Softee Chunky
2. Scylla socks in Diamond Fancy Feet
Rosa trying on her partially knit sweaterSo actually writing all that out I realize there was a lot of knitting going on in this house in the last two months. Of course writing and knitting are highly compatible activities. You write, you want to rip out your hair, you take a short break and knit a few rows, suddenly feel reinspired, return to writing – repeat * 1000.  Really 7 FO: 3 manuscripts isn’t really a bad ratio.


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