Matching hats

Matching hats

We decided to make our annual Thanksgiving camping trip despite lower than preferred temperatures. It was a good opportunity to make use of various types of knitwear and drink lots of tea. Rowan and I got to wear our matching hats. We opted for Frontenac Park instead as the forecast was better than for Charleston Lake. The paddling/hiking distance to our site was about the same and we could reserve it, which meant we didn’t have the added stress of first come, first serve. The leaves were gorgeous and the weather held out. Matt and Robyn, and Rachel and Dudley came with us so it was a festive occassion complete with pumpkin pie and turkey chilli. We all bundled up and had a nice fire each evening to keep warm.

Rowan the bunny

Rowan the bunny

Rowan was perhaps the warmest of us all. He had lots of warm fuzzy clothes to wear and didn’t complain at all. Rosa did complain. She was quite cold and had to borrow some clothes from her Dad and brother. When Rowan was done with his Fisherman’s Wool bunny suit each day, Rosa wore it as a cape all evening. Poor girl had her own sleeping bag and thermarest yet still had to worm her way to the bottom of Joe’s to keep warm at night. The girl does like to cuddle.

Poor cold Rosa

Poor cold Rosa

Now that fall is officially upon us I feel the need to get out and enjoy every day before it is much colder and perhaps much snowier. The trees in the city still have lots of colourful leaves so it is a good time of year for walking. I’m still working on knitting Blaze and Bender but I’ve put them on hold to knit myself a pair of Tuffy hiking socks. I somehow imagined that I would knit them while I was camping. This was, to my credit, a doable feat. There was plenty of time and they knit really fast. I knit the toe on the way to the park in the car and then that was it. It was too cold for knitting and I was pretty tired from the combination of cold weather and poor sleeping to really feel much like it. I started the socks though with the cable I need for my second sleeve so I have the finish them before I can return to Blaze. I finished the first one on Tuesday night and yesterday I knit until just past the heel. If things go well, they should be done today. I do need to get going on the other things….


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