Finally finished

Rowan's bear suit

After months of hibernation, I have finally finished Rowan’s bear suit. It took many hours of sewing to get all the pieces together. The finishing took almost as long as the knitting given that it was quite a chunky knit. I spent the evening of Friday November 13th sewing it together at Wool-Tyme. If the store hadn’t held the event I may never have finished. I’m glad I did though and I’m pleased with the way it turned out. I find the legs and arms are a big narrow but it is stretchy so I think it will work just fine. When I tried it on Rowan for the first time, Rosa was very confused. Rowan looks like a little Ewok in it and had his back turned. Rosa had been sleeping and hadn’t noticed what was going on and when she caught sight of a strange creature in her house she was very startled. She moved slowly towards him woofing like she does when she sees the long, white, haired hippy or when she’s startled or alarmed. Just as she was getting close, he turned around and she relaized it was just Rowan inside his bear suit. It was hilarious.

Rowan's cabled cardigan

Lately I’ve been knitting a few pairs of socks. I finished a pair for Joe in On Your Toes Boot Socks which has been sadly discontinued. I also knit a pair of Lake Geneva socks for Robyn in pink and purple from Van der Rock Yarns.  I knit Rowan a cabled cardigan in Countrystyle DK. It turned out really well. I sewed the buttons on it at the same time as the bear suit. I just don’t really enjoy sewing on buttons but somehow, the more buttons there are, the more likely I am to sew them on. I prefer to sew buttons on several things that have been piling up if I’m going to bother getting out the thread.

Robyn's Lake Geneva socks

Last night I finished a pair of longies striped like candy canes. They just finished lanolizing in the sink and I’m looking forward to them drying so I can see how they fit. The last pairs I made in April still fit but are getting a bit short in the legs and rise. I will keep using them for awhile until I’ve knit a few more new pairs and then we’ll pass them on to Reed.


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