Cleaning up the knitting

Rowan in his longies

Rowan in his longies

Today I bought a fabric shaver. I’ve been meaning to look for one for about 6 months now and it took that long to actually accomplish it. I came home, immediately hacked my way into the plastic cover and started shaving. My first job was a pair of Rowan’s longies. In just minutes they looked good as new, well good as new but with lots of pet hair still on them – you can only expect so much. The multitude of pills, however, are gone gone gone. I can’t wait to shave my sweaters and fleeces. Many are in a sad state of fuzz and have been longing for this day.

Now as far as knitting to clean-up. I really need to finish Rowan’s bear suit. It is 70% sewn up and just needs to be finished and get some buttons. I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it but I vow to do it soon. If I finish another project without starting on it then I will do it before I’m allowed to start another.

I brought home another gadget today too. An apple peeler. I couldn’t resist the sale price and I’m just hoping it works as well at peeling apples as the shaver does at de-fuzzing woolens. My recent apple extravaganza’s have left me with extraordinarily sore hands. I’m also not skilled with a knife so I’m risking my fingers whenever I do large cutting jobs. I have a bag of apples waiting in the basement to turn in to applesauce and another apple crisp would be surely welcomed by Joe. He has been my primary peeler and will be happy for the break.

If only I could find a can opener that worked…… I’m on #5 at least in the last few years. The last one needs to be returned and I think I may just go for the dollar store ones from now on. At least when they break it is only $1 to replace them and the expensive ones don’t last for long (at least for me, maybe some of you have better luck).


2 responses to “Cleaning up the knitting

  1. Excuse me – I was just surfing for knitting patterns and decided to read a bit more.

    Have you tried a Swing-Away can opener?
    It is a great manual can opener.
    A review of it can be found here:

    Mine came with a 5 or 10 year warranty (can’t remember which) but I have had it for much longer than that.

    I really like your Sleepy Sack pattern. But I just don’t have any beings to knit it for right now.


    • Thanks! I’ll look into this one when I buy another. Mine is mysteriously working at the moment so I’ll try not the jinx it by peeking.

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