Fall is Soup Season

I’ve been away from the blog (and often from the knitting) this past week. I’ve started making soup with all the bountiful fall harvest. I’ve never made soup before but I thought I’d give it a try. I really enjoy making it and I love that my freezer is now full of soup for those future meals when you just don’t know what to make. I made 3 soups.

1. Carrot ginger coconut
2. Herbed carrot with chicken
3. Curried squash with lamb

They’ve all produced a good amount for freezing and for eating. I think I’ll try a few more in the next month but I need a little break.

Also keeping my away from the knitting is a puzzle (again). We decided 1 puzzle a month is the limit since Joe and I both become rather obsessed while it is in progress and get little else done. So September was a new month and we’re doing a puzzle with a frog. Currently there is just a lot of orange left which I tackled a portion of last night with a bottle of wine. Somehow when I got up it had been 2 hours, not 20 minutes like I’d planned.

The Blaze top is back on track. I knit through 1 ball of probably 8 and then promptly tried it on, determined it would in fact fit and stuffed it back in the bag. That was Friday night and I haven’t touched it since. It is getting cooler in the evenings now so I needed to start knitting a sleep sack for Rowan to keep him warm. He does an excellent job of wiggling out from under his blanket in no time. I’ve started trying to get him to sleep longer through the night so I need to keep him warm without going in there at all hours to cover him back up. I couldn’t fint a suitable pattern so I’m improvising. I’ll post it later if it works out.

I had 3 skeins of undyed Plymouth Homestead in the stash, and since I’m at least attempting to knit from stash only for a bit, it was a good choice. There was enough of it and it is warm. A bit boring but stocking stitch in the round (at least at the start, back and forth later) goes pretty fast. I’ve already knit almost one ball and I’m hoping I won’t run out. The top may just have to be a different colour. If I don’t run out and it is all in undeyed wool then I might just make an attempt at dyeing the garmet. We’ll see as it will be needed pretty much immediately so there may not be time.

Well I better get back to the stove before there is soup all over the kitchen.


2 responses to “Fall is Soup Season

  1. I have some undyed plymouth homestead if you run out. 🙂

  2. Awesome. Thanks Catherine. I think I’m going to make it though!

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