I just can’t seem to get started…..

Rowan wearing Vi's hat

Rowan wearing Vi's hat

I finished the green hat for Vi this weekend. Rowan modelled it for me this morning. He tired to promptly remove it but did keep it on longer than either Rosa or the Dude would have. He is quite patient as far as knitting models go.

I also cast-off the Tree of Light shawl. I still have to block said shawl but I consider it finished once I cast it off the needles. It turned out really well and there is very little pooling. I’m looking forward to seeing how much it grows when it is blocked.

Tree of Light shawl (unblocked)

Tree of Light shawl (unblocked)

Obviously I didn’t have any trouble finishing things lately. It is the starting I’ve been struggling with. I decided to make blaze with my Rowan wool/cotton. It is a nice fitted (by virtue of the ribbed cable pattern), short-sleeve top. I’ve started it 4 times. I just couldn’t seem to make it work.

1. Cast-on, started 4×2 ribbing. Realized it should be p4-k2 ribbing not k4-p2. Ripped out.

2. Cast-on, started correct ribbing. Finished ribbing and 1st half of the pattern repeat. Inserted an extra cable to my needles so I could try it on. Suspected it might be too large when the 1st ball was almost gone and it wasn’t nearly long enough. At that rate I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish. Tried it on – It’s huge. Gauge should be 23 st=4″. Probably more like 18-19. Boo. Ripped it out. Should have swatched. Didn’t because it is a 16 row pattern in the round so not easy to swatch properly.Not sure how people got gauge with worsted when I can’t get it with DK/sport. If anything it should have been too small.

3. Cast on 168 st instead of 210. This should be faster. Pattern only goes to a smaller size of 186 st so I’m going to have to make some adjustments.

4. Knit first round. Got to end, tinked back because at some point I’d done k2/p2 for one repeat so I didn’t have the right number of stitches. Fixed, finished round and promptly quit. It’s just not my day.

I now have fears it will be too small once I get far enough to try it on again. If so I will rip out, choose another pattern and leave this one until I feel up to trying again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and waiting until I have 1 full repeat to try it on. At least with 42 sts less per round it should go faster. I am almost back to where I was before after a movie last night. We’re on the 3rd Lord of the Rings now, Return of the King. The evening knitting was going well. I really should have napped this morning rather than attempting the knitting. When you’re overtired and cranky, it is no time to be dealing with knitting troubles. You just get angry at the knitting which really doesn’t help matters.

Well that’s knitting. Not much else is new here. I had a lazy weekend. Rowan now has 7 teeth and the 8th is on its way. I think we are both looking forward to its arrival so we can get some sleep. I’m hoping number 9/10 waits at least a month to make an appearance.


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