Harvest Time

Basil Harvest

Basil Harvest

Our garden is growing! Not everything has done well this year – can you believe I only got 2 zucchinis from 8 or so plants? I should be overwhelmed and trying to give them away. Other things have surprised me and done really well. The basil for instance. Last year, in pots, the leaves were destroyed quickly by insects and the plants did not grow tall and big. The row in the garden this year was fantastic. The plants were healthy and large and this week was time for a pesto harvest. I ended up with quite the bushel of basil and from it made 6 batches of pesto (worked out to about 45 cubes). The wonderful thing is that there are still more plants growing in the garden that will be ready later in the season. We had our first pesto meal last night, chicken and whole wheat pasta, and it tasted better than expected (this is my first time making pesto). Yum!

Happy kid

Happy kid

I’m working on the hat to match Vi’s mitts. I’ve finished the ribbing (hurray, not the hugest fan of ribbing) and am onto the dark green top. Progress on the shawl has slowed a little bit. There just hasn’t been enough time lately for knitting. I did get some time for the hat at the Oarsmen last night (lace should not be knit in pubs with poor light and ongoing conversations). Unfortunately I can’t make it to Thursday night knitting at Wool-Tyme tonight so I may not get back to the shawl today. Rowan is busy and requires quite a bit of entertainment and watching. He is very happy to be mobile and loves to explore everything he can get his hands on. I hope that the weekend will bring more knitting time. It usually does and this one is a long weekend. We had thought maybe camping would be a good idea but teeth number 7 & 8 have been robbing me of sleep this week. Tent sleep is never the most comfortable and it is even less so when you have a constantly waking baby who needs to share your little mat. I think a relaxing weekend of sleep catch up is in order. This morning I just couldn’t get up when Rowan decided he couldn’t stay in bed any longer at 6:55 (he’d woken up at 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 – I only got up at 2 and 5 but I still woke up each time). I had to send him down with Joe while he got ready for work and grab and extra hour. Those teeth must really hurt, poor kid.


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