Dishwasher and a movie

My life has been vastly improved by the addition of a dishwasher to our kitchen. At least that’s what I thought would be the case. I hate to run loads of anything (laundry too) unless they’re full to save water/energy and we seem to run out of utensils and Rowan’s bowls long before the dishwasher fills up so I have to wash them anyway. Lately the non-dishwasher items have been piling up too so there is still lots of hand washing to do. I’m sure in the end I’ll have more free time from dishes but so far it doesn’t feel like it. That’s partly because I made a lot of baby food this weekend – squash, peaches and pears. Joe did a great job of installing the dishwasher with the help of Donnie who did the plumbing. The new counter top looks great but having one nice kitchen feature does highlight how terrible the rest of your kitchen looks. We knew it was unattractive and needed to be replaced but now we can see what it might look like if we actually did it. I guess that’s incentive for me to find a job so we can fix it up!

We had a nice and fairly quiet weekend. I finished my second pair of Give a Hoot mittens in new green/dark new green decor. I think there is enough left for a matching hat which will finish up the yarn and free it from the stash. They are for my babysitter Vi, who looked after my sisters and I for over 20 years. Here she is with Rowan who she was very excited to meet. I started my in/out yarn tally. My stash has grown in the last year so I have to knit 2 skeins of yarn for every 1 I buy. I currently have a fair amount of knitting to do before I can buy any yarn as I bought quite a lot in Nova Scotia. Alana you know this so refuse to sell me anything – just joking, I can always catch up later.  I’m trying to figure out what to make with my Rowan wool/cotton. Time to start a serious pattern search. The shawl is nearing completion as is the first ball of yarn so I will need to use part of the second. This will still leave me with plenty for a scarf. I have one repeat to go to finish the main pattern and then it is time for the edging, which is fairly short.

I have loosely stuck to my 4 rows a day schedule but took two days off on Friday/Saturday so I could properly watch movies. Joe and I have started watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy again. We wanted to enjoy it on our new TV. Much better than the old! I also watched Confessions of a Shopoholic, which was very disappointing. I read the book recently and didn’t really enjoy it. The one redeeming quality was that the characters where British, which added some charm and humour that wouldn’t otherwise have been there. In the movie, the characters were American and the story VERY loosely followed the book in a way I didn’t really enjoy. At least my trip to the movie store to rent resulted in finding Notorious in the previously viewed section. I’ve been waiting for my cheap, used copy for awhile and feared I would miss it so I’m quite pleased.


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