Goodbye Fat Cat



Our lovely and somewhat large cat Fuego moved to a new house this week. Joe has been getting sick of the cat hair lately and wanted to get rid of both cats. Before his breakdown, which in my opinion was caused by being home for several weeks on parental leave, I had thought about finding a new home for Fuego. He is what you might call a nervous Nellie, which doesn’t exactly make our house the ideal home. He was not so keen on Rosa’s arrival. In fact, I’m pretty sure he despises the spoiled and boisterous puppy. Then came the baby. From the picture it looks like he’s quite keen on the baby but really he isn’t, especially once Rowan started crawling and chasing him. Fuego is a very friendly cat but I would only see him for a visit during naptimes when the dog was outside. When he started getting rather bad fur matts, I figured the stress might be getting to him so I posted an ad on kijiji. I had lots of responses but decided a retired man who was missing his daughter’s cat when she moved out was probably an ideal candidate. He wanted someone to keep him company and asked me if I thought it was weird that he liked to talk to the cat. Well if that’s weird, then I must be clinically insane. I’ve spent the last however many years (I prefer not to count) working on various theses and talking mostly to animals – either in the forest or in my house. When he asked that question I knew he would be a good pet owner. After a breif visit, the visitor decided he’d like to have Fuego so I gently pushed him into his crate, packed up his stuff and drove him over there. I stayed while he settled in and I haven’t heard from them yet so he must be doing alright. I do miss him but I think this situation is better for all of us.

Shawl progress

Shawl progress

The shawl is coming along nicely. I’m now on my 9th repeat (not of the pattern but I have 9 diamonds on each side of the middle). The pattern was initially 11 so I feel like I’m almost done. It must be an odd number of repeats to do the edging chart without modifying so I am currently trying to figure out if I need to do 13 or if it will be large enough at 11. It’s quite hard to tell how big it is on the cable needle, which isn’t long enough to really stretch it out. I also have no idea how much it will grow when it’s blocked. I’ve decided that I want to make progress on the project either way so I’ve decided I need to knit at least 4 rows every day to finish 2 extra diamonds a week which means I should be done in just a few weeks. 4 rows doesn’t sound like much but when the shawl is this big and only getting bigger it is at least an hour of work. With the exception of yesterday, I’ve been exceeding the quota. I decided that last night I should start another pair of Give a Hoot mittens rather than risk working on the shawl in the dim light of the Loyal Oarsman. Probably a wise decision. Well I should be working but as usual am finding any excuse to procrastinate.


2 responses to “Goodbye Fat Cat

  1. You’ll be amazed how much it grows when you block it. I’ll help if you want, I have many, many pins. I’ve been doing a bit of lace as well (what I knit on my summer vacation), so we can compare war stories.

  2. Thanks Alana, I think based on potential growth and the fact that I am getting tired of knitting it that it is going to be 11. Only one more repeat to go! I will definitely take you up on the blocking help. Thanks. Can’t wait to hear about vacation knitting. Hopefully I’ll see you soon.

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