99 Rows of Shawl on the Needles

99 rows of shawl. Let’s not talk about taking one down though and going back. I’ve already done that. I finally resumed the shawl after the mystery non-mistake that stalled my progress. It is going well again and I am enjoying myself. While in NS I had my mother make a photocopy for me to enlarge the top part of the chart that will be repeated ad nauseum. Well while speeding along it never occurred to me that the black squares weren’t empty squares. The empty squares are in fact solid pale grey rather than white. No those black squares are bolded yarn overs but when you print something coloured in black and white it comes out solid black. I could not figure out why the row following the black square row just wouldn’t work. So again I put safety pins on to mark the repeats and counted. They were all 16 stitches so the first wasn’t a mistake. When I read the pattern there should be 17 stitches existing on that row. Hmmmm. Looking at the previous row there are only 16 produced by the pattern. I was unsure how to proceed. Then the realization hit – those black boxes were yarn overs and if I’d actually done them I’d have the required 17 stitches. So I tinked back two rows betting it would take less time to tink and re-knit then to go back to the life line. I was right and it’s fixed and I’m moving on.

99 rows is a significant number because it means I’ve finished the chart once! Hooray. Now just to repeat the top section five or so more times. The thing with objects that grow when you knit is that every row takes longer and longer to finish. So while the repeat I’ve started is flying along, I know that by the end it is going to feel like the shawl just isn’t growing. I still have lots of yarn left. I’m only about 1/2 way through the first skein so I should have lots left over. If I’m not sick of it, I may just have to knit a scarf.

Trekking Hand Art

Trekking Hand Art

Well the little ones awake I’d better be going. I forgot to take another picture to show my progress which may not have really been discernable anyway so instead I will feature a lovely new addition to the stash. It’s Zitron’s Trekking Hand Art. I bought it around the corner from my parent’s house at Tangled Skeins. I felt very restrained on my trip to the store when I headed to the cash with only two skeins of sock yarn and 4 of Cascade 200 Superwash for a sweater for Rowan. Then I found the 50% off bin – 50% off yarn. So I bough 5 skeins of 3 colours of Luxury Yarns Alpaca, 2 skeins of Malabrigo sock, and 8 skeins of Rowan wool/cotton. Who would have ever thought you’d see all those beautiful yarns at such a price. I just couldn’t resist. Now I realize my stash has grown considerably over the summer so it is time to resurrect the tick sheet to be sure that the in (from purchases) balances the out (from knitting) and ensure no further growth.


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