Roll Out

Now where’d you get that platinum chain with them diamonds in it? Where’d you get that matchin Benz with them windows tinted?

Don't Hola

Don't Holla

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my best hommie Lauren in Ottawa. I got to meet her lovely new baby Reed. The best part of all was we finally got to see Ludacris. The concert was two days after Lauren’s due date. She had many talks with little Reed in utero. It was strongly suggested that he not disappoint his Mom and make her miss the concert so he should arrive either 2 weeks early or 3 days late. He chose the former and arrived in style on Canada Day. Lauren’s love of Luda was proven by her attending the concert in the midst of fevers from an undiagnosed infection, the difficulty of getting around post-childbirth, and leaving her new infant son in the capable hands of his Dad, Jay. We had a great time and heard many of our favourite songs. We arrived pretty much just in time to find a LONG line-up for tickets. We were worried we’d miss the concert but we got our tickets during the first song and walked to the enterance when we heard “Cadillac grills, Cadillac bills, Check out the oil My Cadillac spills”. Lauren who was struggling to walk suddenly quickened her pace and walked easily. That will be one of my best memories of the concert I think. This picture is of us in our Don’t Holla t-shirts. I made these shirts for us for Christmas one year to replace the sharpie on old t-shirts version from our 2nd field season. We came up with the idea one fine spring day sitting on the side of the Station Road. They are modelled after Kardinal’s t-shirt from a concert at Elixr which said Don’t Holla… I’m not your Boy. For those of you who don’t get the joke BCCH is the 4 letter International Species Code for the Black-capped Chickadee, the lovely fatheads Lauren and I studied together for 3 years. Now I am excited again because Kardinal and Akon are playing at the 1000 Island’s Music Festival on August 15th and we just heard yesterday that Snoop is going to be the headliner! I can’t believe it – in Kingston! Wait, not even Kingston, Gananoque. Snoop is playing in Gananoque. I must have smoked to much weed and I’m hallucinating.

Tree of Light Shawl

Tree of Light Shawl

Back to knitting. While finishing the end of the garter stitch blanket (Sheldon Blanket), I decided that I needed to make the exact opposite – a lace shawl from a rather complicated (for me) chart. I started while finishing the blanket and I am very much in love with the results. It’s the Tree of Light shawl (Ravelry link).  It took me six tries to really get started but now I’m on a roll and past my second life line (the dental floss threaded through there below the needle – thanks Alana).

Sheldon Blanket

Sheldon Blanket

In other knitting news I finished the Sheldon blanket today. I knit the last six rows of the pocket this morning and sewed it on so that I might pack it for our trip in completed form. I should have been packing as Rowan was napping but somehow finishing the blanket seemed necessary. I’m glad it’s done now and it’s packed in my bag of stuff not to be opened until I get to Nova Scotia. We’re leaving tomorrow to drive there. I’m not exactly thrilled at the idea of driving 1600kms with a 7 month old baby and a dog. I am, however, thrilled at the amount of knitting time this means. I’ve got a bag full of yarn that should last the trip. I’m planning to make a hat, mittens, 2 pairs of socks, Sheldon the turtle to go with the blanket,  and the shawl. I think that’s all I packed but there may yet be a surprise in the bag. We’re planning to take it slow and camp along the way, driving only about 6 hours a day. I think I can handle it. On that note I should probably be packing today, not blogging. The procrastination habits you learn as a PhD student are pretty hard to break.


One response to “Roll Out

  1. Dental floss….it’s the knitters friend! You’re v. welcome. Cool to see you blogging, maybe that will give a kick to get back to it.

    Hope you guys are having fun.

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