What’s in a Name

It was hard for me to think of a name for my blog and for that reason to start one at all. Until I saw Dr. Dre in a new Dr. Pepper commercial….. Trust me I’m a Dr. What a perfect name for a blog. Since I am an expert in the singing behaviour of black-capped chickadees, I am an authority on very little in the ‘real world’; but if I can just use Dr. Dre’s useful statement whenever someone doesn’t believe what I say, then I will seem like an authority on anything.

Joe likes to use this phrase now to tease me when I say something silly or use the wrong word for something which happens more than I like after 6 months of very little sleep. I was starting to get a bit more sleep recently until the two front teeth started to come in. They’ve turned my happy, napping and sleeping decently at night baby into a very unhappy kid. Short naps, little to no independant play and constant night waking. Poor kid and poor Mommy’s brain. I just tried to read something and couldn’t make sense of it and it wasn’t something difficult. Excuse then my poor grammar and spelling which is certainly unbecoming of a Doctor of Philosophy.

The Dude

The Dude is always into something

Naptime is over prematurely. The dude is partially to blame for this. I’m pretty sure Rowan was going back to sleep until the Dude busted into his room and started  howling for attention. I have been locking him on the other side of our house during naptime but had forgotten. Lately the Dude is really pressing my patience. His constant need for a drink of tap water is annoying me. Always following you to the bathroom and then whining the whole time you’re there until you turn on a tap. Then there’s the very quick movements that allow him to slip past you and out the door. Thankfully Rosa is very good at pinning him so I can get him, unless of course she is too lazy to get up and help. I have to give him credit though, he does have a lot of patience for the baby. Rowan pulls on his fur and yanks his ears and he is just so happy that someone is paying attention to him that he purrs through it all. I look forward to when Rowan can chase him around the house and terrorize him. It will be payback time then!

So what is an overtired knitter working on then. Well I haven’t been writing about it much because it’s a garter stitch blanket which really doesn’t leave much for discussion. It is hard to mess up garter stitch and requires little thought. Just for saying that I’m sure that some terrible knitting disaster will befall the blanket in the next few days. It’s the Sheldon blanket for my friend Nicole who is having a baby of indeterminant sex in November. I initially spent a considerable time at Wool-Tyme choosing colours and settled on cream, green, and yellow.  After bringing them home and knitting the border in cream and the first stripe in green I decided that there wasn’t enough contrast between the cream and yellow (pale bronze). There just wasn’t as appropriate yellow available so I returned the pale bronze and exchanged it for a periwinkle blue which I’m enjoying. You just can’t knit a garter stitch blanket if you don’t like the colours. It’s a recipe for a project that never gets finished. After one week of work, I have passed the half way point and I’m cruising along. More on the blanket later – I expect picking up the border stitches will throw me into a rage. It’s my least favourite task.


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