Why start a blog?

Trust Me I’m a Dr. Well the PhD kind…..

This is my second attempt at blogging. Perhaps I should explain myself. The first was academic and conerned my primary area of research ‘Animal Communication Networks’. I though what a great idea! Blog about new papers in your area to keep yourself up to date on all the new research in the field. Great idea, really. Well it would have worked had anyone been publishing anything in the field. One paper came out in the first year which would qualify. It was, however, a modelling paper and those of us who are not mathematical modellers know that you just can’t be sure you really understand what the author is getting at and certainly would never do the paper justice unless you just reproduce the abstract. So ended my Animal Communication Networks blog.

Rowan in knits

Rowan in knits

One thing I learned while doing my PhD was how to knit. Well I knew how to knit before but not how to KNIT. That is make things that are not square or simple garter stitch. I knew how to purl of course but if you aren’t making some kind of garmet then we all know about the curling problems…. I spent 18 months in the field doing work at Queen’s University Biological Station (QUBS). Four out of every six months I was with one other person, without the benefits of such entertainment devices as televisions and the like. Knitting seemed like a really good idea. So in my second year after some brief garter stitch projects in the first year I got started. I was lucky to have the company of the lovely Lauren Reed (now Fitzsimmons) who was also a knitter. With wireless internet now available in the white house and the endless amount of knitting help to be found online I started my first sweaters. Now what might this knitting story have to do with blogging? Well many bloggers knit and it seems for them to work as a great way to document and talk about their projects as well as other aspects of their lives. With a new baby and a dog in seemingly never ending puppy hood I should now have something to actually blog about. Plus who doesn’t have loads of time on their hands when caring for a baby (that is a joke but I will find the time).

Another reason I started my own blog is that I’ve been helping my neighbour Gracie with her blog. She started up a psychic business recently and uses a blog as her webpage and as a form of advertising. I’ve been helping her set up various aspects of her blog and realized I’d already gone to the trouble of learning to use WordPress for her purposes so I might as well make my own.

This blog will be about my knitting adventures, my son Rowan’s quickly passing infancy, and the pets of which there are 3 – Alijo (cat, also known as the Dude), Fuego (cat, the fat one), and Rosa (dog, a boxer/basset cross). On yeah and of course a bit about science and birds since that it what I do.


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